Make your own floral ice cubes

Recently I made some floral ice cubes for my website launch event. So many of you LOVED these, so here’s some easy instructions for you to follow and have a go making your own for you next event.

Firstly I visited my local Kmart and picked up their deep ice cube trays, these are perfect for layering your gorgeous petals.

Whilst I was there I grabbed some bunches of flowers from my supermarket next door, but you can use whatever is in your garden or see your local florist. If you are wanting to add these to drinks, just make sure you you use edible flowers that are chemical free. I used white, soft pink and purple flowers to create this look.

Use COOL boiled water, to avoid too many bubbles and cloudiness in your cubes. You want to try and make these as clear as possible so you can see how pretty they look, so avoid filling straight from the tap.

Layering is key girlfriend. Don’t try and skip this step. You will need to add the water in about 1/4 of the tray at a time, freezing between each layer, otherwise your gorgeous petals will float around in the centre and you won’t to be able to see them from the outside. On your bottom layers, place most of your flower buds face down, as this layer you’ll see.

Whilst I was waiting for each layer to freeze I was busy doing housework and preparing for the party. They don’t take much time at all, it’s just a waiting game for each layer, but you can be cooling your next lot of boiled water whilst you’re running around doing other things. I prepared these a couple of days before the party, which is a great way to be super organised ahead of time.

About 1/2 an hour before my guests arrived I filled up my giant champagne bucket with a regular bag of ice and then added these pretty floral ones on top. That’s it ladies, keen to have a go? They really do look pretty special and I can guarantee your guests will love these!! Have fun xx

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